Ellipse Bike Lock


In the winter of 2013 my bike was stolen while I was inside a shop in San Francisco. But even before this happened, I had recognized that many of the frustrating aspects of commuting by bike in a city were centered around the anxieties of securing one's bike. I had been working on connected devices at Jawbone and in the spring of 2014, I decided to help the Lattis team with their user experience around Ellipse, a smart lock that would leverage built-in sensors in tandem with your smartphone to make commuting by bike in a city a lot less frustrating. It was my own form of justice against bike thieves.

I worked with the team on research, planning, and design of their user experience.  We made video concepts and quick prototypes to explore things like the ideal daily experience of an intelligent bike lock (no one wants to launch an app to use their bike) or how it would work if your smartphone died.

Long term we hoped to make it easier to share your bike, and maybe even monetize it so it could become part of the shared economy and make cities easier to get around. This became a major focus of the initial mobile app mockups.

You can check out the Ellipse here.